What is BIM and what are its benefits not only for architects

BIM (Building Information Model) is a smart model-based design preparation and administration process

Building Information Modelling facilitates the exchange of information in the process of designing, building and using a building. It allows creating and managing civil construction and utilities projects faster, more economically and with less impact on the environment. Modern software tools help meet BIM processes and methodology. There is a wide range of solutions for the design, visualisation, simulation and collaboration on the market, all of which are based on detailed information collected from the intelligent model.

Thanks to the use of BIM, it is easy to share data between different design tools and access these data throughout the life cycle of a building.

Even in the design stage, BIM brings substantial benefits such as easier teamwork and project management. These benefits are especially important for medium and larger projects. BIM provides more detailed and more valuable output materials – not only the drawing documentation.

BIM is a challenge also for civil engineers in terms of established processes and design practices that need to be revised or changed and adapted to designing in BIM.

Main benefits of BIM:

  • increased labour productivity,
  • elimination of errors,
  • control over the whole project,
  • higher competitiveness.

The benefits of BIM for architects:

  • quick response to changes in the design,
  • elimination of errors in coordination between professions,
  • input for presentation of the whole project to the investor in higher quality,
  • possibility of using simulations and analyses of a comprehensive virtual building model,
  • seamless communication and coordination with all members of the design team.

Our company Arch.Design has been designing in Autodesk Revit since 2005. The main benefit of migrating to this new design system is, without a doubt, a fast and flexible response to changes in the design, which makes it possible to meet the requirements of investors and subsequently of the construction companies.

We are are currently working in Studio A1 on the Sports Hall project in Jeseník.


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